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Privacy Policy

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The creatives, photos, logotypes and images that can be found on are the sole property of ‘Dragon I ‘ M.C.P.Y. Reproduction or use of the respective material without the written consent of the owner is strictly forbidden and prosecuted by International copyright law.

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Any conversations which take place in electronic mailing, oral or written form are strictly confidential as both the management and the employees of ‘Dragon I ‘ M.C.P.Y. are strictly forbidden to reveal any information in regards to interest of any third party to charter, rent or use the services of the Dragon Motor Yacht.

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This website uses free tracking software provided by Google Inc for the purpose of collecting information regarding visitors, browsers, geographic orientation of visitors amongst other data which are used solely for reasons for ensuring good use of this website.

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The description and photographs contained in this website relative to the yacht, its qualities and its performance, do not represent a contract obligation concerning the specific characteristics of this boat and are therefore provided by way of example only. Furthermore, the web site mentioned descriptions shall not, under any circumstances, represent an element for use in any assessment of conformity of the good, including matters pursuant to European directive EC 99/44. As part of its strategy of constantly updating the technical features and styling of its products, ‘Dragon I ‘ M.C.P.Y. reserves the right to amend the characteristics of its vessel at any time.