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Crew Profile


Dragon has a crew of 8 who have been brought together for their “can do” attitude and their genuine enthusiasm for assuring that guests have a memorable experience onboard. They have a high sense of responsibility and safety awareness and participate in ongoing training programs aboard the yacht. The varied cultures and backgrounds of the crew have resulted in a dedicated team, which provides an exciting and friendly atmosphere. The crew of the luxury motor yacht DRAGON look forward to welcoming you onboard and offering you a lifetime experience with the highest standards.


Michael Deliezas –Captain

Greek • Aged: 36 • Speaks German, French and English

Captain Michael has nineteen years experience in the marine industry ranging from unlimited tonnage tankers to cruising ships and passenger ships, carrying thousands of passengers daily. He has extensively cruised the Eastern and Western Mediterranean as well as the North Atlantic.
Michael was the surveying captain of Dragon while she was being built. He paid specialised attention to all details in order to have the yacht finished to the highest standards possible.
His early years were spent studying and practicing in the Naval Academy as an Officer and Michael graduated from the Merchant Marine Academy of Aspropyrgos.
He offers an enthusiasm that blends well with the positive attitude of the entire crew.
As the Captain, he takes great pride in creating tailor-made yacht cruise experiences for each charter.
He works closely with his guests to ensure that all of their needs and wants are met.
His love for travelling provides Michael with the passion to research and organize all kinds of activities for the enhancement of the onboard experience.
Michael is a certified water ski/wakeboard, Flyboard and Diving instructor.

Evangelos Panagiaris – Chief Officer

Greek • Aged: 32 • Speaks English

Similarly to the Captain, Evangelos graduated from the Merchant Marine Academy of Aspropyrgos. Although young, his resume is very impressive, having worked for both private and charter yachts in Greece during the last 5 years. His sailing experience has taken him all over Europe and after logging thousands of nautical miles on deck and in the wheelhouse as an apprentice officer and as a Chief Mate, he eventually found his way to the Dragon. With all required marine licences and certifications under his belt, he has certainly made the most of his career at sea.
Vags is a water sports enthusiast and holds a PADI Open Water Diver certificate.
He aims to provide an enjoyable and friendly time on board M/Y Dragon.
It is his first year working with Captain Michael.

Christos Diamantis – Chief Engineer

Greek • Aged: 37 • Speaks English

Christos grew up in Perama (the main location of the shipping industry in Greece). He graduated as an officer from the Merchant Marine Academy of Crete.
Christos has been in the yachting industry for over 10 years and brings a great deal of experience and knowledge to ensure the smooth operation of the yacht and her services. Even through Christos is available 24 hours a day to deal with engineering issues, he is also always willing to assist with deck activities and water sports and will even prepare an unforgettable cocktail for you.
Christos has completed all safety training; he is a rescue diver and a PADI diving master.
It is his twelfth year working with Captain Michael.

Nikolaos Politakos – Chef

Greek • Aged: 36 • Speaks English

Nikolaos graduated from Le Monde culinary school of Athens in 2006. He has since continued his knowledge growth by attending cooking seminars all over the world and has also worked as a trainee executive Chef.His impressive resume includes chef position in five star hotels and restaurants in Greece while he is one of the founding members of the Greek Academy of Executive Chefs.
Having worked for the best sushi restaurants in Greece, Japanese cuisine is his greatest passion. South and East Mediterranean cooking are also among his favourites. Nick is extremely creative and is excited about having the opportunity to present his mouth watering creations to Dragon’s guests.
It is his second year working with Captain Michael.

Vaia Tsatsi – Chief Stewardess

Greek • Aged: 26 • Speaks English

Vaia joined the Dragon after having worked as a chief stewardess on private and charter yachts for several years. Throughout that time period she enjoyed travelling to various parts of the world accruing sea miles and an abundance of experience in hospitality and service.
She is a hard working organizer, enjoys challenges and takes pride in providing excellent service to those onboard.
It is her first year working with Captain Michael.

Raigie Kondi Pano – Stewardess

Filipino • Aged: 34 • Speaks English and Greek

Raigie is back for good! After two years off from the yachting industry to spend time with her family, Reggie joined the Dragon team and this is her second consecutive year.
Raigie joined the Dragon team after working on other yachts for five years. She studied office administration and has a major in computer education.
Raigie enjoys the hospitality industry and is attentive at all times with a willing and helpful manner that is characteristic of the Dragon crew members. She is always approachable and cheerful and aims to elevate the client experience.
Raigie has completed all safety training and is her third year working with Captain Michael.

 Gerardo Gil Piol – Deckhand

Filipino • Aged: 34 • Speaks Greek and English

This is Gil’s twelvth year in the luxury yachting industry. He has a strong background in unlimited tonnage commercial ships as a deck hand and as a boatswain.
He is an able seaman with high sense of responsibility and awareness and will be there to assist wherever needed.
He has successfully graduated from the Marine school of Batangas as a seaman and completed all safety training.
It is his twelfth year working with Captain Michael.

 Dimitri Arvanitis – Deckhand

Greek • Aged: 27 • Speaks English

Dimitri (Jim) joined Dragon after having worked on charter yachts as a cabin steward for a couple of years on very successful charter yachts in Greece.
After school he obtained all his STCW certificates and made his way into Passenger ships as cabin steward and host.
He is a hard working member of our team and will always be there to assist with a big smile on his face.
He has completed all safety training.
It is his third year working with Captain Michael.

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